Conference Strands

We have divided the sessions into three strands running simultaneously - MHC Teachers, Students and Parents. Please note: only young people will be admitted into sessions running in the MHC Students catagory.

These sessions are aimed at teachers, educational professionals and those who work with young people

Parent sessions give advice and information that we feel would be most beneficial for parents

Our student sessions may ONLY be attended by young people and are specifically chosen to best suit them

 Our Conference

Our Conference

The St Albans Mental Health Conference builds on the success of last year's conference to once again bring teachers, parents and young people together to talk about mental health, with world-leading specialists and speakers. We have a great range of teams and individuals presenting and exhibiting with us, and new this year - a day of workshops. Scroll down to read more

Keynote Speakers

Check out our speakers below - we've linked their social media platforms!
Jonny Benjamin MBE
Jonny Benjamin MBE
Mental Health Campaigner
Zara Phillips
Zara Phillips
Author, professional speaker and recovery specialist
Natasha Devon MBE
Natasha Devon MBE
Body Image & Mental Health Campaigner

Comments from last year

A few comments from last year's conference (#smhc)

View a list of our speakers and seminars here

Read about our speakers

  • Dr Alan Barnard

    Dr Alan Barnard will be running a full day course on the 25th focused on learning how to make better, faster decisions today and how to really learn from past decision mistakes.  Dr Alan Barnard created the Harmony Decision Maker App to support his one-day programme, and as a delegate on the day, you will […]

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    Rianna Price

    Rianna Price is giving a workshop for young people and parents at this month’s Mental Health Conference. Rianna has spent the last 6 years travelling across England speaking with over 10,000 young people in her mission to empower students and graduates to deal with transitional periods in life.On Saturday the 24th November, students can sign […]

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  • Marcelo Lombard and Rosie Pérez

    Marcelo Lombard and Rosie Pérez will be flying in from Mexico to share their new anti-bullying strategy with delegates attending this year’s mental health conference. When the trauma of bullying is unresolved for the victim, we now know it can have a lifelong impact on their mental health. Rosie and Marcelo are committed to reducing […]

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    Zara Phillips

    Adoption Trauma Specialist Zara Phillips will be joined by 15 year old adoptee Ella and her mum as they discuss the life-long impact of adoption. This important discussion will support professionals, parents and adoptees consider the complexity of the adoption triad and how to heal. Zara is an adult adoptee in reunion with her birthparents. […]

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  • Dr.Pragya Agarwal, creative strategist, academic mentor, writer, and TEDx speaker will be joining us at this year’s Mental Health Conference. Dr Pragya Agarwal will be offering workshops for students and parents.Her student workshop ‘Get Motivated’ is designed to boost students’ motivation by helping them to clarify priorities and learn tools that will support them when […]

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    Hannah Brown

    Hannah Brown will be leading a talk for parents and professionals about her experience of eating disorders, why early intervention is so important, what some of the early warning signs of an eating disorder might look like and how to sensitively approach those at risk as well as clarify emerging variants of the illness. Eating […]

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  • Tamara Donn

    EFT Trainer and Educator Tamara Donn will be back this year with her talk, ‘Resilient Parenting with EFT.’This talk is for everyone who has ever felt a little stressed by all the different pulls on their time but will particularly resonate with mums and dads who have ever felt overwhelmed with all that’s going on […]

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    Annie Swanepoel

    We are absoutely thrilled that Dr Annie Swanepoel, the Clinical Director for CAMHS at Elysium Healthcare, will be joining us to talk about resilience from a biopsychosocial perspective – looking at how genes and environment interact in order to help babies develop to adults. Using a developmental perspective, Dr. Swanepoel will share how children develop […]

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  • Olive Hickmott

    Olive Hickmott will be running a workshop for parents and educators at this year’s conference; ‘Your superpower – how to harness the strengths hidden within Dyslexia, ADHD and ASD.’ Being able to communicate – to express ourselves and understand others, forms the basis of emotional literacy and wellbeing. Olive Hickmott will discuss the role mental […]

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    Hugo Metcalfe

    Delighted to announce Hugo Metcalfe will be providing a talk for professionals that considers how digital spaces can provide mental health support. #Speaking Their Language – Navigating Mental Health’s New Digital Dialogue. If we are to understand young peoples’ changing needs, then we must understand what purpose the digital spaces they use serve. Doing so, […]

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